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Every individual or couple experiences rough patches, but sometimes these complications can evolve into something more. Regardless of whether you and your partner have been struggling for a few months or for many years, I can work together with you to help you restore a sense of closeness and safety with one another.


Solid relationships are founded on good communication and deep connection.  I strive to help people recognize their negative patterns of interacting and develop responsiveness to others instead.  This enables them to begin opening up and begin sharing meaningful conversations about their mutual hopes and goals. Working closely with you and/or your partner, I seek to foster an environment where you feel comfortable and supported as you address the issues underlying your relationship problems. No matter what you are facing, I offer you the opportunity to heal together.

The office is a bright, warm, and safe place for self expression, self exploration, and blooming into that person you want to be.

Our door is always open to you.


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