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Amy Rising-Langdon


M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Registered Play Therapist


Certified Mediator


EMDR Trained

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. My areas of competence include individual counseling, play therapy, couples/family counseling, mediation, and EMDR. I believe that clients have the ability to choose how to resolve their own problems and can make their own decisions with my assistance as a facilitator.  As a counselor, I hope to facilitate a blossoming for my clients into greater self-awareness through their life experiences that lead to increased confidence, self-esteem, independence, mental health, and the capacity to effectively navigate the complex challenges of life.


I have a special heart for those with abuse/trauma experiences and PTSD especially children, but also for Veterans and First Responders.


I graduated from Sam Houston State University which is a CACREP accredited program.  My graduate program focused on Children and Adolescence, having completed classes on Play Therapy Beginner and Advanced, Autism in Therapy, and Child and Adolescent Counseling.  I also have experience counseling with Senior Citizens and Disabled Adults through my internship. 


Prior to graduate school I was a Qualified Mental Retardation Professional/Case Manager.  I worked primarily with children who were diagnosed with mental retardation such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and other disabilities to ensure they were receiving all the services necessary to succeed to their highest level. 


Since graduation I have been trained as a mediator to help with negotiating family crisis and conflict resolution.  I utilize mediation as a family therapy method in order to empower the members and create a nonjudgmental way of resolving conflict within a family. Clients meet with me, whose role is to help them work together to find their own solution to the problem or issue. 


I have also been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  I utilize EMDR in the play therapy room in addition to my work with adults and teens to address PTSD, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, and self esteem. 


In addition to individual and family therapy, I have co-taught classes at a local women's shelter on Parenting Techniques and Addiction. During my time as a Girl Scout leader, I have worked with many groups of young ladies on body images, social skills, self-esteem, bullying, and communication.  These continue to be themes that I address whenever I work with children and teens.


Areas of Focus:

•    Play Therapy   

•    Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder                                                  
•    Anger Management  

•    Grief and Loss Issues    

•    Parenting Training                                   
•    Conflict Resolution

•    Dysthymia (long-lasting sadness)                                          
•    Depression          

•    Anger     

•    Stress management                                 

•    Anxiety and worry                                            
•    Work and career issues  

•    Poor body image    

•    Challenges with social skills                             
•    Divorce and separation                                    
•    Low self esteem and/or self-worth                
•    Inattention and hyperactivity  

•    Difficulty adjusting to a major life change                                                    
•    Communication   

•    Parenting Support and Techniques                                             
•    Adoption and Foster Care      

•    Teen issues including bullying and peer issues                          



Bachelor of Arts, MEREDITH COLLEGE;

Raleigh, North Carolina.
Major: Political Science and Business Management, May 1996.


Huntsville, Texas. 
Major: Community Mental Health, May 2015



Licensed Professional Counselor – License #72968

Certified Mediator – September 19, 2014

Certified in EMDR - May 2015

Registered Play Therapist - February 2017



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